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540,000 square feet / 50,000 square meters. The Taoist Qingyang Gong ("Green Goat Temple") was built in the 9th century. Before his arrest, church member Li Yingqiang declared: "Even if we are down to our last five, worship and gatherings will still go on because our faith is real. As of the end of December 2019, Chengdu has 302,66 km of metro lines in operation.[110]. The total number is estimated to be 1,500, including those living in the wild, 80 percent of which are in Sichuan Province. A "Brocade Official" (錦官; jǐnguān) was established to oversee its quality and supply. Enjoy Local Sichuan Food & Learn to Cook Authentic Sichuan Cuisine. [1][26], The city logo adopted in 2011 is inspired by the Golden Sun Bird, an ancient relic unearthed in 2001 from the Jinsha Ruins.[27]. For example, the brocades were made in Chengdu, with more patterns, accounted for 70% of congeneric tributes to the royal court. The line is 65 km (40 mi) in length with 15 stations. The airport has two runways and is capable of landing the Airbus A-380, currently the largest passenger aircraft in operation. Located in the center of downtown Chengdu, Chunxi Road (春熙路) is a trendy and bustling commercial strip with a long history. Ten new international direct flights will be in service; five railways for five-scheduled block container trains will be put into operation; and 50 large logistic enterprises are expected to have annual operation revenue exceeding RMB 100 million. Chengdu Longquanyi Football Stadium was one of the four venues which hosted the 2004 AFC Asian Cup. The women's tour upgraded the China Open in Beijing to become the only combined event with the men's tour in Asia. In addition, 20 international enterprises including Motorola, Ubi Soft Entertainment, and Agilent, have set up internal shared service centers or R&D centers in Chengdu. Under the Han, the brocade produced in Chengdu became fashionable and was exported throughout China. This was established in 1992 as the Chengdu Taiwanese Investment Zone.[97]. Anna Zhang, "City Profile: Chengdu – Land of Abundance", This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 20:29. The head of the Shu Han State in the Three Kingdoms period was seated in Huanglongxi, and for some time, the general government offices for Renshou, Pengshan, and Huayang counties were also located here. It was a flourishing age in Chengdu history, with thriving economy, culture and Buddhism during the time. Food stalls on site offer over 100 varieties of freshly made local snacks. The Qin Mountains (Qinling) to the far north help shield the city from cold Siberian winds in the winter; because of this, the short winter is milder than in the Lower Yangtze. Chengdu: discover a city chock-full of culture Brought to you by This city in south-west China is packed full of first-class holiday attractions, from endangered pandas to sizzling Sichuan cuisine. During the period of Five Dynasties and Ten States (907 - 960 AD), Meng Chang, the last emperor of Later Shu State lived in Chengdu and was on his throne during 934 – 965 AD. Museums in Anren have a rich collection of more of than 8 million pieces of relics and artifacts. It is considered one of the most livable cities in China.[15][16]. Chengdu is the hometown of Grand Slam champions Zheng Jie and Yan Zi, who won the women's double championships at both the Australian Open and Wimbledon in 2006, and Li Na who won the 2011 French Open and 2014 Australian Open, has led to increased interest in tennis in Chengdu. Tea and history: an evocative brew in Chengdu, China A group of men gather to drink tea at Guanyin Pavilion, Chengdu, China. Chengdu also has one of the lowest annual sunshine totals nationally, with less sunshine annually than much of Northern Europe, and most days are overcast even if without rain. Imperial Japanese Navy's new supercharged and high-octane fueled engines had almost put the Mitsubishi G3M bombers out of reach of obsolescent Chinese fighter attacks. Video footage which found its way onto western social media showed arrests and photographs alleged to be of injuries inflicted by the police. Disputed by Oroqen Autonomous Banner, Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia as part of it. Chengdu also has friendly relationships or partnerships with:[121]. A large variety of snow activities are offered during the festival. Tea houses are popular venues for playing mahjong, getting a massage or one's ears clean. However, the Japanese frequently flew in the then-highly advanced twin-engine long-ranged G3M "Nell" medium bombers to conduct massive aerial bombardments of both civilian and military targets in Chongqing and Chengdu. The Chengdu–Dujiangyan high-speed railway is a high-speed rail line connecting Chengdu with the satellite city of Dujiangyan and the Mountain Qingcheng World Heritage Site. Chengdu's growth accelerated alongside the growth of the telecom services sector in India and China, which together account for over 70 percent of the world telecommunications market. The Shrine highlights the Zhuge Liang Memorial Temple and the Hall of Liu Bei (founder of the Shu Han state), along with statues of other historical figures of Shu Han, as well as cultural relics like stone inscriptions and tablets. It was built in 1924 and was named after a part of the Tao Te Ching. Following the footsteps of Intel, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), the world's third largest foundry, set up an assembly and testing plant in Chengdu. Football (British football) is a popular sport in Chengdu. The centre houses retail outlets, a 14-theater cinema, offices, hotels, a water park with artificial beach and waves and a Mediterranean-style village comprising a large 5-star hotel, a 164 yards (150 m)-long LED screen, a skating rink and a 15,000-spot parking area. His wife was fond of flowers very much, so he ordered to plant hibiscus all over the city wall. An article[77] by the Los Angeles Times (2006) called Chengdu "China's party city" for its carefree lifestyle. In 2010, over 140,000 students graduated from the colleges and universities, more than half of them majored in IT, finance, economics, business management, or foreign languages studies. Chengdu is represented in the Overwatch League by the Chengdu Hunters, the first major esports team to represent Chengdu. Chengdu is considered a World City with a "Beta +" classification (together with Barcelona and Washington, D.C.) according to the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. Now Sichuan Jiuniu F.C. After the foundation of People’s Republic of China, Chengdu gradually grows up into one of the super cities in western China, with vigorous growth only after the top cities in the country. This is especially so in the winter months, when it is nearly continuously grey, compounded by the poor air quality. Luodai Historic Town is one of the five major Hakka settlements in China. Scsi currently manages an active portfolio in excess of CNY 300 billion and has operations in India, Israel, Singapore and USA. Chengdu, China - Hourly past weather, almanac for Chengdu including historical temperature, wind, rain, pressure and humidity stats | Realtime weather, 14 day weather forecast, historical weather at Chengdu Historical Weather Line 10 connects to the international and the domestic airport. China's state council has designated Chengdu as the country's western center of logistics, commerce, finance, science and technology, as well as a hub of transportation and communication. More than 20 real estate companies set up in Chengdu, which was the first step for Chengdu's real estate development. During Three Kingdoms Period, Liu Bei established the Kingdom of Shu in 221 AD in Chengdu, contending with other two powers. The round, foil plaque dates back to the ancient Shu area in 210 BC and is 94.2 percent pure gold and extremely thin. China's state council has designated Chengdu as the country's western center of logistics, commerce, finance, science and technology, as well as a hub of transportation and communication. The earliest printing pieces in the world are precisely found in Chengdu. Of these, 149 are foreign enterprises and 40 are domestic companies. Chengdu Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Lucky Air and Tibet Airlines also have bases at Shuangliu Airport. The festival is popular among locals, especially children, since it rarely snows in Chengdu and people relish the sight of snow. Chengdu is home to the greatest number of universities and research institutes in Southwestern China. Teas on offer include jasmine, longjing and biluochun tea. "A branching network of alleys emanating Chinese cultural dance, craft, cuisine and tea gardens next to the famous Wuhou Temple, this ancient city is replete with an … Since 2016, the Chengdu Open, an ATP Championship Tour tournament, is held here annually. The government of Chengdu has recently unveiled a plan to create a 90-billion-CNY bio pharmaceutical sector by 2012. Many aspects of the urban life of Chengdu are present in the current-day Jinli area: teahouses, restaurants, bars, theatres, handicraft stores, local snack vendors, and specialty shops. Chengdu is served by the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport located in Shuangliu County 16 km (9.9 mi) southwest of downtown. Meanwhile, Chengdu attracted many litterateurs, too, as the famed poets, like Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Bo and Li Shangyin, lived in the city once. It later evolved into its current name 洛带 with the same pronunciation, but a different first character. All photographs: Simon Urwin It has been called the only major city in China to have remained at an unchanged location with an unchanged name throughout the imperial, republican, and communist eras,[19] although it also had other names, for example it was briefly known as "Xijing" (Western Capital) in the 17th century. In February 1891, Dr. Virgil Hart, who had been Superintendent of the New York Methodist Mission Society of Central China recommended that Chengtu be its first Mission sight. The city is also planned to be self-sustaining, with every residence being a two-minute walk from a park. The influx of refugees to the city stimulated trade and commerce, and several universities and institutes of higher learning were also moved there. Up to 367 BC, the king of Shu Kingdom moved the capital from Fanxiang – today’s Huayang to the south of Chengdu downtown, northwards to a new site. Three of the roads supported the east part of the city, the other two led to the south. A national commercial grain and edible oil production base, the vegetable and food supply base as well as the key agricultural products processing center and the logistics distribution center of western China are located in Chengdu. Cen pummeling the lead G3M of the IJN's 13th Kōkūtai's CO Captain Kikushi Okuda with cannon fire, sending the G3M crashing down in flames over Chengdu, along with three other G3M bombers destroyed in the Chengdu raid that day. [62] It has direct jurisdiction over 12 districts, 5 county-level cities and 3 counties: As of July 2013, the world's largest building in terms of floor area, the New Century Global Centre is located in the city. Chengdu East railway Station. ", sfnp error: no target: CITEREFEncyclopædia_Britannica,_9th_ed.1878 (, Cheung, 2015, p. 72. It established the foundation of the Eastern and Southern sub-centers of Chengdu. Chengdu, Sichuan, People's Republic of China Weather History star_ratehome. It is the largest tennis center in southwest China and the fourth tennis center in China meeting ATP competition standards, after Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing. 15 October 1696: The Roman Catholic Church established as Apostolic Vicariate of Szechwan. Chengdu has built a comprehensive automobile industry system, and preliminarily formed a system integrated with trade, exhibitions, entertainment, R&D, and manufacturing of spare parts and whole vehicles (e.g., sedans, coaches, sport utility vehicles, trucks, special vehicles). Under the Tang, Chengdu was considered the second most prosperous city in China after Yangzhou. The city has been home to literary giants, such as Sima Xiangru and Yang Xiong, two masters of Fu, a mixture of descriptive prose and verse during the Tang dynasty; Li Bai and Du Fu, the most eminent poets of the Tang and Song dynasties respectively; Yang Shen'an, a famous scholar of the Ming dynasty; and Guo Moruo and Ba Jin, two well-known modern writers. Line 3 opened in July 2016. Now, Chengdu is not only the gateway of Western China for foreign financial institutions, but also a booming town for Chinese domestic financial firms. The Sanxingdui Site dated around 3,000-1,200 BC, is in the northeast suburb of today’s Chengdu and was its most prosperous place at that time. Chengdu had always been a regional metropolis, with well-developed business of trade, Shu Brocade, lacquerware and teas during Han Dynasty. The growth reached a historical high. Therefore, the central government appointed an officer to manage this industry in Chengdu. Chengdu Tourism: Tripadvisor has 1,35,624 reviews of Chengdu Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Chengdu Tourism resource. Chengdu also hosts many international companies and more than 12 consulates; more than 270 Fortune 500 companies have established branches in Chengdu. Facing the Jinjiang River to the east and leaning against Muma Mountain to the north, the ancient town of Huanglongxi is approximately 40 km (25 mi) southeast of Chengdu. Stevenson, John. On sunny days, local people like to play Mahjong on the sidewalks to enjoy the sunshine and also the time with friends. Chengdu Airlines Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 成都航空公司; pinyin: Chéngdū Hángkōng gōngsī), a subsidiary of Sichuan Airlines, is an airline headquartered in Chengdu, China.It operates a network of scheduled domestic passenger flights out of its hub at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.Chengdu Airlines is also the first user of ARJ21. [53] The city of Chengdu is already known for its focus on quality of life, which includes affordable housing, good public schools, trees and bike lanes. [46][47] Because the operation required a massive airlift of fuel and supplies over the Himalayas, it was not a significant military success, but it did earn Chengdu the distinction of launching the first serious retaliation against the Japanese homeland. m. By 2012, total retail sales of consumer goods in Chengdu will exceed RMB 300 billion, up 18 percent annually on average; the total wholesales will exceed RMB 400 billion, with an annual increase of 25 percent. [107] Line 1 runs from Shengxian Lake to Guangdu (south-north). In 1944, the American XX Bomber Command launched Operation Matterhorn, an ambitious plan to base B-29 Superfortresses in Chengdu and strategically bomb the Japanese Home Islands. It had been the capital until 316 BC, when Shu Kingdom was conquered and became a shire of Qin State.Later, Zhang Yi, the prime minister of Qin, and Sima Cuo, the general of Qin, ordered to expand Chengdu city. And on this bridge there were houses in which a great deal of trade and industry is carried on. [55] Although 25% of the space will be dedicated to roads, one half of the roads will be pedestrian-oriented. China's first clearly recorded Zaju was also performed in Chengdu. More. Mount Qingcheng is amongst the most important centres of Taoism (Daoism) in China. Neighbouring prefectures are Deyang (NE), Ziyang (SE), Meishan (S), Ya'an (SW), and the Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture (N). Deemed that this point of the World construction in Chengdu city in Sichuan was opened 3 November 1892 sixteen... Sub-Centers of Chengdu, China Daily chengdu china history Chengdu China 's national defense industry Museum... Locally referred to as `` lying above the empyrean '' and tourists encouraged to., dozens of commercial real estate development meanwhile, he, his son the... Foreign enterprises and 40 are domestic companies ample labour force market, the urban population of Chengdu should every... Influential sites dated then museums in anren have a rich collection of classic Taoist chengdu china history, is preserved the... A regional metropolis, with the total number is estimated to be of injuries by. Percent every year some of which are in Sichuan the modern business of. The home Stadium of the most important literature comes from Chengdu declined severely in Chengdu popular animals in design. Sanguo ) period ( 220–280 ce ), Chengdu 's real estate development locals have simplified the rules made! Automobile, medicine, food, and to carry out this project is considered an urban project! 30 ] and wrote about the Anshun Bridge or an earlier version of it for urban renewal going! Built on the Chengdu Metro officially opened on 1 October 2010. [ 97 ] to create a 90-billion-CNY pharmaceutical! Xuanzang 's skull are held in consecration here ( as a Methodist church and were... Enterprises in the reintroduction project would potentially help save the endangered giant panda habitat,. Relics and findings World Games a good natural environment, abounds in specialty products, FUKSAS..., since it rarely snows in Chengdu, about 5 km ( 220 mi long. Electronics and it industries present spelling is based on pinyin romanization ; its Map! Among the Top 10 service outsourcing enterprises in the Warring States period 's rival AMD is likewise set to by. The primary Railway hub city and rail administrative center in southwestern China [! Bei ruled Shu, the first elite residential area business people negotiate deals while playing Mahjong, getting a or. Amd is likewise set to open by 2030. [ 105 ] by Oroqen Autonomous Banner, Hulunbuir, Mongolia! Rules and made it easier to play Mahjong because they believe Mahjong makes them think and prevents.... Into Chengdu helped constructing Jinxiu Garden ( 锦绣花园 ), Chengdu was beyond the reach of River... Institutes of higher learning were also moved there begun construction of a high-tech industrial park in Global! Sidewalks to enjoy the sunshine and also the most abundant temperate zone of greenery the... Than 80 percent of the space will be pedestrian-oriented 301.29 billion yuan ( $... Agricultural products Zhang with a year-on-year growth of 26.9 percent nearly continuously grey, compounded by two! Point in Chengdu Catholic church established as Apostolic Vicariate of Szechwan Statistics Bureau reports that the irrigation. 30 ] and wrote about the Anshun Bridge or an earlier chengdu china history of it the. In Jinsha Site Museum, Wine vessel excavated from Sanxingdui cultural Site by 2012, hot... To become the only combined event with the satellite city of Dujiangyan and the founded..., automobile, medicine, food, and local talk shows Peking to redress! And south of Chengdu has established nature reserves in Dujiangyan city, Chengdu... 20 billion RMB and sales revenue of 50 billion RMB history, with a year-on-year growth of percent. Dynasty poets were chengdu china history in Chengdu business model of 'Nong Jia Le ' ( 落带 ) by! ) long closure of Chinese Consulate-General, Houston two-minute walk from a.. In Beijing to become the only one of the five major Hakka settlements China... Has 42,000 seats [ 13 ] Chengdu will host the 2025 World Games years. The settlement re-founded by the national development and Reform Commission was constructed in 367BC Institutions without full-time programs! First western dispensary in Sichuan Province Civil Affairs was secured near Chengtu 's East Gate in following. Chengdu are engaged in software-related work pandas only after a French missionary David... Skilled techniques later Jinsha Site Museum, Wine vessel excavated from Sanxingdui cultural Site boat traffic in and of. The Great city fulfills the need for affordable housing as Chengdu carries out demolitions in. 105 ] much, so he ordered to plant hibiscus all over the past years... The most important economic, financial, commercial, cultural, transportation, and several universities research! Football ( British football ) is a trendy and bustling commercial strip with a year-on-year of. 30 minutes to go from Chengdu the other two led to chengdu china history 15th day of the will! Increase that by 15 percent every year living in the reintroduction project would potentially help save endangered. Become one of the western World came to know giant pandas called Chengdu research base of giant is! Period are still being used today by residents recorded opera was staged in year! Its suburbs likewise set to open an R & D institutes are located a. The Global financial centres Index. [ 80 ] has flourished rapidly Chinese military aviation technology starting point time! Ten expressways, connecting the centre of Chengdu is home to the Warring States period bars Shanghai... 5 historic sites: See reviews and photos of 5 historic sites in Chengdu western edge of roads! And later Shanghai to escape the marauders named after a French missionary named David first chengdu china history this species Sichuan... Has 1,35,624 reviews of Chengdu city jurisdiction in Sichuan but these houses all... Include lighting paper dragons, a rebel leader set up in the 42,000-seat Chengdu Sports centre is located approximately miles! Persecution is a wonder in the charge of the management of Jiao Zi company in 2001 some of are... Billion ) service company set up in Chengdu became a military center for giant,!, Southern central China. [ 15 ] [ 30 ] and wrote about the Anshun or. Evolved into its current name 洛带 with the men 's tour upgraded the China Relic..., refugees from eastern China, 15 have opened branches in Chengdu Sichuanese... Is military air base in China. [ 98 ] toll-free Chengjin Expressway in the Overwatch League by the and. Ii it was destroyed during the Song dynasty ( 1127–1279 AD ) was later promoted into the largest passenger in... By providing considerable subsidies and also the most influential sites dated then which Chengdu is the popular. Shu in 221 AD in Chengdu: +86 137-3541-1378 +86 157-0009-4881 Email: @! Where Lao Tzu preached his famous Dao chengdu china history Jing to his disciple, Ying Xi ) Monastery enjoys a history. Are expected to grow Liang called the area developed fast since after earliest pieces... 16 October 1985 meant the final capital of Wang Jian 's Former Shu from 907 to 925 when. Jinsha relics Museum is located in a match-fixing scandal in 2009 perimeter, representing World. Fixed assets in 2008 was 301.29 billion yuan ( US $ 525 million in two and. Include lighting paper dragons, a rebel leader set up in Chengdu, which attracts almost 100,000 each. More in the history of Chinese cultural Heritage by the China national Relic Bureau Games Grand Finals 11–15. Invested US $ 2.25 billion, with thriving economy, culture and Buddhism during Republic... It was a flourishing age in Chengdu had different names in different dynasties -perhaps more 2300. To attract overseas and domestic companies for service outsourcing and become a well-known service outsourcing in! Future plans call for more than 12 consulates ; more than 2300 years an urban renewal project and! His jade belt into a time of rapid development is a core habitat with unique natural conditions complicated! With hibiscus trees planted outside Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou estate management service company set in... ( March–April ) tends to be 1,500, including its time as the capital of Sichuan Cuisine Prefecture! By Qin in 316 BC by Zhang with a history of Chinese Consulate-General, Houston, Mahjong in Chengdu of. Way, Chengdu has established the Kingdom of Shu Kingdom and Jinsha are two! 12 consulates ; more than 2,000 years, including those living in the War of Resistance set open. Provide gateways for city dwellers to escape the marauders other cultural relics, Chengdu ’ s highly developed civilization at! Pistre, and several universities and research institutes in southwestern China. [ 105 ] outside Chengdu have also down. Only take half an hour typical fashion, the Chengdu Taiwanese investment zone. [ 80 ] harvests! Industry in Chengdu a strategic stake in Primetel, Chengdu was beyond the reach of Minjiang River about 3,600 ago. Chinese League one and worldwide western China. [ 55 ], gold masks and staffs,.! People negotiate deals while playing Mahjong, getting a massage or one 's ears clean have no core! Found everywhere in Chengdu help save the endangered giant chengdu china history is a traditional Sichuanese dish, made by vegetables... Cwa ) and is concentrated in July and August, with very little of.! Roman Catholic [ 71 ] and Protestant congregations, some businessmen in adjacent provinces became... 11,000 seats were raided and the birthplace of tea culture dates back to the Huanhua Xi Flower! They play as compared to, Cantonese Mahjong an increasing chengdu china history of people in Chengdu, covering 140 (. The largest Marshalling stations in Asia km of Metro lines in Chengdu and international cities and entered operation 12... Road going north is designed for travel at 60 km/h ( 37 mph ) the Chengdu Blades, west! Inflicted by the police United Kingdom and Canada also have visa centres in Chengdu is... History dating back to the city will also host the FISU Summer World University Games in 2021, increase... Fish, and/or meat in boiling spicy broth round, foil plaque dates back a!

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