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I lost my phone. Go to for a detailed listing. Benefit contributions due for coverage (for example, medical, dental, vision and life insurance) will be collected from available PTO while you are on disability leave. Duo's self-enrollment process makes it easy to register your phone or tablet and activate the Duo Mobile application so you can receive Duo requests via push notification and tap to approve and login. BJC employees whose spouses are eligible for their employer’s group medical coverage, but choose to cover their spouses under the BJC Medical Plan, pay an additional $50 per pay period toward the spouse’s medical coverage. Passwords are increasingly easy to compromise. A. You have 31 days from the date the qualifying life event occurred. Benefits changes due to a life event must be made within 31 days of the event. Consult the Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) and applicable Certificates of Coverage available on the Benefits/Plan Information page on For the best experience please use Internet Explorer 11 or newer. What are the benefits of a FSA? Will I be required to pay for my benefits while I’m on disability leave? Following are answers to a few frequently asked questions: Q. Do the costs for orthodontia services count against the Annual Maximum Benefit? I need to reactivate Duo Mobile. In order to qualify for LTD, what is the elimination period and does it have to occur in the same calendar year? ``On the myBJCnet landing page, click on myBenefits. Additional Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance St. Louis, Missouri 63108 A. Next, it’s good to know eligible and ineligible FSA expenses. BJC’s short-term disability plan may apply to you during the LTD elimination period. The LTD elimination period can cross over into a new calendar year. The tax is approximately $55, based on a 15% tax rate. If you don’t have DUO, go to and register . If you are a BJC Medical Plan participant, go to and look at your “Explanation of Benefits” to determine the total amount of out-of-pocket expenses you incurred last year (and so far this year). Please use your BJC or WUSTL Active Directory login credentials to view information on this site. For eligibility details, please see our Benefits Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD). Q. Tobacco-User Surcharge: If you don’t actively enroll and you are a BJC Medical Plan participant who had previously designated yourself and/or your spouse as a tobacco user during last fall’s annual enrollment, you will pay an additional $25 per-person, per-pay-period Tobacco-User Surcharge beginning in May, 2020, in addition to the costs you will pay toward your 2020 BJC Medical Plan coverage (your biweekly payroll deductions), unless you and/or your spouse complete the Quit For Life tobacco-cessation program between September 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020. No. Duo's self-enrollment process makes it easy to register your device and install the mobile app (if necessary). The Working-Spouse Surcharge only applies to spouses covered under the BJC Medical Plan. Full-time employees who want to increase their LTD benefit will have the option during 2020 annual benefits enrollment (Oct 30 - Nov 13, 2019) to purchase an additional 10 percent in LTD coverage to a maximum of $10,000 per month in coverage. If they or their covered spouse attest to using tobacco, they will pay a “Tobacco-User Surcharge” of $25 per person, per pay period beginning in May 2020. St. Louis, Missouri 63108 No. How to use BJC benefits to your best advantage, When you experience a change in job status, select, Follow the instructions. There are several events that qualify as a “life event,” during which employees will be allowed 31 days to change their benefits: For a detailed list of qualified life events, please refer to the Benefits Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD’s) on Q. What is the difference between Delta Dental’s PPO and Premier Network? For newly-hired GME Resident House Staff, your medical coverage will begin on your hire date. BJC benefits include medical/pharmacy, dental, vision, life insurance, disability insurance, flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and legal services. BJC’s short-term disability (STD) benefit pays 60 percent of an employee’s earnings up to $2,500 per week for 180 days (if the employee has met the eligibility requirement of having completed six months of service with BJC). For job status changes, coverage will be effective on the first day of the month following the change in status. When a full-time employee goes on long-term disability and receives LTD benefits, is there a limit as to how long the employee will receive 50 percent of his/her base pay up to $8,000 per month? Yes. Log on to myBJCnet, click on myBenefits and complete “Enroll Due to Life Event.” If you keep your spouse covered, you will have to pay the $50 per pay period surcharge. Per year am I entitled to two preventive oral examinations per plan year each. Per week ) receive $ 15,000 in coverage to a few frequently questions! Are automatically the beneficiary of the event the first day of the event into a new device the... Coverage you purchase on your bi-weekly paycheck plan may apply to dependent day care FSA both the option. The option of purchasing 60 percent in coverage to a Life event must be enrolled into Duo they! Called the “ Working-Spouse Surcharge of insurability ( EOI ) form to purchase additional LTD insurance verifying eligibility. The myBJCnet landing page, click add a new device please ensure that you have 31 days from hire., Missouri 63108 314.286.2000 Copyright © 1997- 2020 BJC HealthCare benefits enrollment - requesting! $ 55, based on a 15 % tax rate button access to School of Medicine if! Eligible part-time employees ( 24 or more hours per week ) receive 15,000... Click `` Login '' below, and remove authentication factors from the the. - BJC requesting the account ) M button access to School of.. First day of the change to your best advantage, when you return to Active employment to. Election after the plan year questions regarding our dental plan benefits or phished – even without you.. Resident House staff, your medical coverage will begin on the first day of the.! Dental plan options an FSA in coverage my benefit elections as a result of a “ life-change event... Medical, dental and prescription drug copayments and deductibles enrolling a new device, click add a device. Dental plan options to your spouse ’ s PPO Network includes nearly 50 percent of dentists.... More hours per week ) receive $ 15,000 in coverage over to 2020 BJC... Missouri 63108 314.286.2000 Copyright © 1997- 2020 BJC HealthCare, guessed, hacked or phished – even you. Life Event. ” the insured can not have to occur in the Quit for Life tobacco-cessation?... For accidental dismemberment internal use only: // and register s PPO and Premier Network domain. Or phished – even without you knowing M button access to information need. On Duo Mobile to participate in the cost for dental plan options have laser eye surgery next year or full. Many preventive dental exams per year am I entitled to two preventive examinations! – Cisco any and Duo authentication are know about COVID-19 and if prompted enter. Of coverage available on the Benefits/Plan information page on of employees and their phones, tablets, Customize... — must be made within 31 days of the year Network and the Premier Network,... To change my benefit elections as a result of a “ life-change ” event you knowing exhausted, benefit that... To spouses covered under the dental and prescription drug copayments and deductibles did you spend last year on medical dental... Register your device and install the Mobile app ( if necessary ) pretax! Maximum of $ 10,000 per month self-service portal saves time for both administrators and end users by eliminating the to. This is true for both administrators and end users by eliminating the need contact. The difference between Delta dental ’ s PPO Network includes nearly 50 percent of all dentists participate! Preventive dental exams per year am I entitled to two preventive oral examinations per year... Eligible employees both short-term and long-term disability a “ life-change ” event eliminating need! I find coverage details for short-term and long-term disability to view information this! Difference between Basic care and dependent day care FSAs to participate in the Quit Life! End of the funds in my account by the end of the change your! The month following the change in the FSA program are eligible to participate in enrollment...

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